Instagram Marketing 2018

Instagram Marketing 2018

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Instagram has grown into the most popular photo sharing platform since launch. It’s often said the solitude defines the magnitude of a storm. Instagram is that storm which has stealthily taken the world of social media by surprise. It has evolved as a global platform that allows the brands to popularize their product or service offering through high-quality image and video feeds. After all, looks that kill can sell too.

Instagram can make your brand a powerful one, by drawing a large number of influencers and followers to your content. You need to keep posting new content as well as recall the older ones. Deciding the right strategic mix of contents can be the critical success factor in this dynamic platform.

Now, let’s come straight to the point and check how Instagram helps you boost your marketing metrics:

Set your basics right

Even before you start using Instagram to promote your business, you need to create an Instagram Business Account. After all, you need a stepping stone before beginning the marathon. Your website and Instagram account go hand in hand, which let your followers contact you just by one click. Well, this is certainly not the end of the tunnel, publishing targeted Instagram Ads can enhance your brand visibility. You can also get to know several complex stats by Instagram analytics tool.

Free Instagram tools are real dealmakers

You may wonder, how Instagram business profiles are different from Facebook. Well, they both complement each other by the same rationale. The smart and analytical tool called insight lets you view key stats like impression, customer engagement and detailed breakdown of demography such as age, gender, the location of search etc. You can also run specific queries based on different search criteria. If so much analysis is possible by a free tool, then it deserves to get the tag of being priceless.

Steal the show with Instagram teasers

Posting product teasers on Instagram is like playing chess. Cold and calculative steps can bring you success, you just have to play it right with patience. Instagram product teasers are the simple and smart ways to communicate your USPs by not pushing for a sale. Remember, right call-to-action phrases with unique images can create that WOW factor, which will eventually be liked by your customers. With Instagram, resilience plays the role of a magician. Just hang in there, real magic will follow.

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