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Instagram Marketing

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

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We are the one-stop service provider for your company’s online and design development needs. Turbocharge your business growth, leads and marketing communications by hiring the professionals at Exitv.

Instagram Marketing

The success of a brand depends on how well it capitalizes the power of social media. Instagram, being one of the leading social media platforms boosts your brand reputation as a smart marketing tool. Social media experts of Exitv are committed to fulfilling your social marketing success by effectively designing and implementing an Instagram marketing campaign.

Our customized service offerings include:

  • Business Account creation: Let us help you begin the journey in this exciting world of Instagram by creating your business account.
  • Managing Account: Worried about how to manage the intricacies of technical aspects. Be tension free and let Exitv provide you with that care package.
  • Content planning and strategy: Content is the backbone of any online platform. Instagram is no exception. A team of our content strategists will strategize your content requirement along with a plan of action.
  • Engaging content and post creation: Ever wondered how to keep your clients hooked on to your Instagram page. Let the native content writers of Exitv create engaging and cutting-edge contents to make your brand stand out.
  • Building Widget strategy: We check and analyze your website and come up with interactive widget design strategy. Widgets are brand specific; our widget specialists develop customized widgets to ensure success in targeted campaigns.
  • Creation of beautiful custom images and appealing taglines: Attractive images and catchy slogans are offspring of some marketing legion. Its magic touch is sure to create that refined persona; your brand would have craved for. Our marketing nomads are committed to that excellence and keep you ahead of the competition.
  • Creation of compelling video ads and stunning animations: Video Ads and cheeky animations are destined to be future game changers. Exitv animators and video ad specialists will take you to that kingdom of dream successfully.
  • Competitive analysis: Know your competition or get hunted by them. Our team of researchers is staunch believers of this tagline. Don’t lag behind, let us analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competition and help you marshal your resources.
  • Full-service Ad management: Ad management is a specialized service which not only ensures your growth but also secures long-term Our trained Ad managers use their skill set to fine tune your Ad placement, positioning, and overall strategy.
  • Complete overhaul of your existing business profile: Having a current Instagram profile but not getting desired success. Let the master strategists of Exitv look through the existing model and revamp it for smart positioning of your brand.




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Our professional Instagrammers 🙂

instill innovation in every step. So, the above offerings can be tweaked and uniquely customized to support your marketing agenda. Instagram services of Exitv are professionally designed to get you success by addressing the pain areas of your clients. Remember, your value propositions get stronger by the selection of customized techniques. Right offerings must be supported by targeted messages, where our Instagram expertise come into play.
The role of Exitv is not limited to creation, as we firmly believe in mentoring our clients. Our experts show you the path of glory by leveraging the power of Instagram marketing and how to convert this tool as your cutting-edge lead magnet.

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