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Google Ads Management

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We are the one-stop service provider for your company’s online and design development needs. Turbocharge your business growth, leads and marketing communications by hiring the professionals at Exitv.

Google Ads Management (PPC)

Google is the world’s biggest search engine. At Exitv, we leverage this fact for your business’ advantage with Google Ads Management. Google Ads is one of the most result-oriented Pay-per-click advertising media. Exitv personalizes your Google Ads campaign so that your business receives instant traffic and occupies top spots on search engines.

Let Exitv devise an integrated advertising strategy by SEO and Ad words being complementary with each other and see the magic happen. We can kick you off on Google Ads, or leverage on your current Google Ads battle with our service offerings including:

• Ad Text Creation
• Help with Optimizing Landing Pages
• Conversion Tracking
• Call Tracking
• Ad Submission
• PPC Monitoring
• PPC Cost Management
• Campaign Improvement Modification
• Competitive Research
• Landing page creation and overhaul.

Google Ads enrollment enables

you to test keywords based on your pre-set criteria to make your SEO strategy successful. Doing this helps your website’s search engine ranking to gain momentum. PPC has of late become an integral part of online marketing strategy due to fierce competition for the best keywords. An effective PPC campaign should consist of a large number of low-volume keywords, which helps you balance the appearance of your website on the search engine page.

Building a successful Google Ads strategy is not for the faint-hearted. It involves a lot of coordinated effort from Google Ads experts. The process itself can unnerve many professionals if there is any gap between strategy and implementation. Well, if building its strategy seems unnerving, managing it can be equally daunting.




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At Exitv?!

We can be your trusted marketing partners in professionally designed campaign structure, smart bidding techniques and optimization of ad copy.
You may wonder, isn’t there any software to manage the entire process of Google Ads. Of course, there is software to help you perform high-density keyword searches and other aspects of strategic bidding. But, managing and running queries on that software require expert help, exactly where Exitv can be your best choice.
Trained Google Ads managers of Exitv are committed to making the Google Ads management process of your company simple and result-oriented. We manage this complex process and let you focus on your core business, after all; revenue is every company’s lifeblood.
At Exitv, we strive to manage your Google Ads account by targeting the right keywords that drive maximum traffic to your website. We provide cost-effective Google Ads solution by performing expert keywords research to match your customer needs with tailored offerings. We will develop targeted PPC campaigns by utilizing various research tools to meet your cost per lead. Google Ads is not a one-time gig; it’s a process which requires segmented research coupled with search engine optimization methods. Our customized campaigns will build captivating landing pages by constantly managing keywords and bids. Ensuring qualifying leads is our promise.

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